Bedlam was founded by Professor David Veale, consultant psychiatrist at the Bethlem Royal Hospital – which gave the English language the word Bedlam.

Originally composed of psychotherapists, the band has extended its membership to a variety of daytime occupations, although there’s still a decidedly medical flavour to the brass section.

We’re available for hire for conferences, parties, weddings, divorces (you never know) and corporate events. For more information and to book the band, contact David Veale here.

Ally Keyes


Leila Lawton


Alex Green

Guitar & Vocals

James Ware

Trombone & Vocals

Chris Broyd

Bass & Vocals

Tom Dewhurst

Guitar & Vocals

Andrew Woolf

Tenor Sax & Musical Director

David Veale

Tenor & Baritone Sax

Trudi Chalder

Alto Sax

Chris Childs


Helen Macdonald

Tenor Sax

Steve Caplin


Steffan Raw-Rees

Alto Sax

Pete Wing


Christoph Gowans